Phonetics Intensive


A Three-Day Intensive in Phonetic Transcription


This intensive three-day workshop, for actors, voice/speech teachers, clinicians, and coaches, will offer focused instruction on narrow phonetic transcription, consistent with the approach laid out in Dudley Knight’s Speaking with Skill and the six-day Experiencing Speech workshops. Knight-Thompson Speechwork places special emphasis on the physical actions that produce speech sounds, and this intensive is designed to develop participants skills in hearing, modeling, and transcribing these sounds.

Experiencing Speech is a prerequisite for the Phonetics Intensive.


Three days

  • Awareness and practice of precise articulation action.
  • Producing and recognizing all the sounds in language.
  • Practice with detailed (narrow) IPA phonetic transcription.
  • Practice reading phonetic transcription
  • Detailed instruction and practice with IPA diacritics, including those found on the “Extended” IPA chart.
  • The use of technology (software, apps) to manipulate speech samples for transcription.

This workshop is for those who have taken Experiencing Speech and/or Experiencing Accents and are looking to improve their transcription skills and mastery of descriptive phonetics.

We strongly recommend taking a Phonetics Intensive before taking Experiencing Accents, though this is not an absolute requirement.

All three workshops—Experiencing Speech, Experiencing Accents, and the Phonetics Intensive, are prerequisites for the Teacher Certification Program. (Prospective applicants to the Teacher Certification Program who feel that their skills in phonetic transcription are strong may opt to “test out” of the Phonetics Intensive requirement.)


Workshop Costs


In order to plan effectively for these workshops, it’s important to have a clear sense of the commitment of potential participants. For that reason we ask for a deposit of $100 to secure your place in the workshop. This is due six weeks prior to the start of the workshop. The full payment is due three weeks prior to the start of the workshop. If your plans change, and you are unable to attend, we will refund any payment less $75 if you inform us ten days prior to the start of the workshop. After that date, however, no refunds are possible. Please plan accordingly.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next offerings of the Phonetics Intensive are listed below. Click on the link to get more details for that workshop and to register.

May 2019


May 29, 2019 - May 31, 2019

A Three-Day Intensive in Phonetic Transcription With KTS Master Teacher Andrea Caban and Certified KTS Teacher Tyler Seiple Join Master Teacher Andrea Caban and Certified KTS Teacher Tyler Seiple online for a Phonetics Intensive from May 29th to May 31st, 2019. This course will be online only. All documents and audio materials will be shared through an online platform.   Click here for a full description of our Phonetics Intensive workshops.   Please note that Experiencing Speech is a prerequisite for the Phonetics Intensive.   The workshop will be held online through a video conferencing software. The days will run […]

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Before I started integrating Knight-Thompson Speechwork into my voice and speech courses, I always had a contingency of students who were terrified of dialect work and especially the International Phonetic Alphabet. With Knight-Thompson Speechwork my students gain physical knowledge through rigorous play. Learning the mechanics of speech has never been easier or more entertaining.

Rebekah Maggor
Rowan University
VWI Communications

Knight-Thompson Speechwork training has given me a practical approach to accent training that is deliciously rigorous, thoroughly embodied and exceedingly satisfying.

Flloyd Kennedy
Being in Voice