Experiencing Accents

Experiencing-Accents-narrowEXPERIENCING ACCENTS

This intensive six-day workshop, for actors, voice and speech teachers, clinicians, and voice/speech coaches, carries the innovative techniques of Speaking with Skill and the Experiencing Speech workshops into the acquisition of accents (or dialects). The physical focus of Knight-Thompson Speechwork allows actors and other professional voice users to learn accents much faster than with older techniques. Speakers using this approach can speak skillfully in the target accent, without exaggeration or self-consciousness. Experiencing Speech is a prerequisite.



Three days
  • Review of existing methods.
  • Exploring and shifting vocal tract posture.
  • Prosodic elements: intonation, rhythm, stress.
  • 21st Century: the use of technology in accent research and pedagogy.
  • Writing it Down: phonetic notation of accents.



We take a day off between the first and second parts. This is a chance to rest and process information, or to enjoy the pleasures of our host city.



Three days
  • Applying the skills: English RP, Cockney and Estuary accents.
  • Applying the skills: American Southern accents.
  • Applying the skills to other assorted accents from the USA, other English-speaking accents and “foreign accents.”
  • Individual Accent Presentations


Each day will commence with a vocal warm-up.



Workshop Costs

VASTA Members  $800*
Non-members       $900

* if you’re interested in repeating a workshop that you’ve already taken, contact us for special pricing deals.

In order to plan effectively for these workshops, it’s important to have a clear sense of the commitment of potential participants. For that reason we ask for a deposit of $200 to secure your place in the workshop. This is due six weeks prior to the start of the workshop. The full payment is due three weeks prior to the start of the workshop. If your plans change, and you are unable to attend, we will refund any payment less $75 if you inform us ten days prior to the start of the workshop. After that date, however, no refunds are possible. Please plan accordingly.

Upcoming Workshops

Our next offerings of Experiencing Accents are listed below. Click on the link to get more details for that workshop and to register.

August 2018


August 1 - August 7

A SIX-DAY WORKSHOP IN THE SKILLS OF ACCENT ACQUISITION WITH CO-FOUNDER PHILIP THOMPSON AND MASTER TEACHER ANDREA CABAN   Come and join KTS co-founder Philip Thompson and Master Teacher Andrea Caban for Experiencing Accents from August 1st-7th, 2018.   See below to register, put down a deposit, or pay in full.   Click here for a full description of the workshop. For more about Knight-Thompson Speechwork, please visit About the Work. Workshop Costs VASTA Members  $800* Non-members       $900 * if you’re interested in repeating a workshop that you’ve already taken, contact us for special pricing deals. In order to […]



As the president of a dialect coach referral service, I recommend Knight-Thompson Speechwork to all fledgling dialect coaches seeking a firm foundation in their craft, and to veteran coaches desiring to deepen their knowledge and partake in intelligent discourse regarding coaching techniques for the professional actor.

Pamela Vanderway

Knight-Thompson Speechwork has given me the tools to listen to accents on a much deeper level than ever before. The concept of “oral posture” has changed the way I teach and do accents.

Danielle Wilson
Brock University

The instructors respect their students’ vocal history and the emotional connection that can come from how those students have shaped sounds their whole lives.

Mendy McMasters
CSU Bakersfield

My students and I have a blast gurning sounds, physicalizing accents, and debating in Omnish. The speechwork is concise and inclusive. I am grateful every day that I encountered this work.

Michelle Lopez-Rios