wɛɫkəm tʊ ɑɚ̯ hɤ̞ʊ̯m

Our webpage gives you access to just about everything that pertains to our work.

In the banner above, you’ll find links to the individual pages. (You should find the organization of pages self-explanatory.)  A few highlights:

  • KTSBLOG — We’ve had a blog since 2012, but we’ve moved it over to this site to keep everything in one place. You’ll find a large and lively conversation on the blog, with regular posts, guest posts, and spirited comments! You can even browse through old entries to find older (but still relevant) conversations and posts.
  • WORKSHOPS — There’s a detailed page about each type of workshop we offer, and from there you can click through to specific times and locations of the next offerings for each workshop. (Upcoming workshops are also over in the right sidebar on this page.)
  • ABOUT THE WORK, ORGANIZATION & TEACHERS — This section includes background about the history and nature of the work and how we work as an organization. You can also find out more about our certified teachers, their specializations, and where they’re located.
  • READINGS  — This section contains tons of links, articles, books, and fun stuff. Check it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.


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